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  • Dacre, Lady, see Brand, Barbarina.
  • Daly, Patrick (d. 1856), groundsman and dairyman at Hope End.
  • Dante, Alighieri (1265–1321), Italian poet.
  • Darley, George (1795–1846), poet and writer.
  • Darley, William Henry (1798–1857), artist and critic. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • De Morgan, Augustus (1806–71), mathematician and historian.
  • De Morgan, Sophia Elizabeth (née Frend, 1809–92), wife of Augustus De Morgan.
  • De Quincey, Thomas (1785–1859), essayist.
  • de Salis Soglio, Julia. see Bayford, Julia.
  • De Staël, Anne Louise Germaine, see Staël, Anne Louise Germaine de.

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