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  • Fance, Miss, daughter of Major and Mrs. Fance, Herefordshire neighbour.
  • Fance, Mrs., friend and Herefordshire neighbour of the Barretts, to whom EBB presented a copy of The Battle of Marathon (1820).
  • Faraday, Michael (1791–1867), natural philosopher, scientific adviser, and Sandemanian.
  • Faucit, Helena (real name Saville, afterwards Martin, 1814–98), Lady Martin, actress. In AB-2, AB-3, AB-7.
  • Fauveau, Félicie de (1801–1886), French sculptress. Her mother was Anne (Feb 1779–13 April 1858). Older brother was Hippolyte.
  • Félix, Elizabeth (1821–58), better known as Mademoiselle Rachael, actress.
  • Fell, Marianne (née Offer, 1821–1903), correspondent. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Fellows, Charles (1799–1860), traveller and archaeologist.
  • Felton, Cornelius Conway (1807–62), American educator, professor of Greek literature and president of Harvard University.
  • Fenton, Henry Philip (d. 1907, aged 86), diplomat.

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