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  • Gardiner, Marguerite (née Margaret Power, formerly Farmer, 1789–1849), Countess of Blessington, author and editor.
  • Garibaldi, Giuseppe Maria (1807–82), French-born general and politician who played a large role in the history of modern Italy.
  • Garrow, Joseph (1789–1857), father of Theodosia Trollope.
  • Garrow, Theodosia (afterwards Trollope, 1816–65), author.
  • Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn (née Stevenson, 1810–65), novelist. In AB-4.
  • Gaudrion, Maria Angélique de (afterwards Merrifield, d.1894, aged 69), correspondent.
  • George IV (1762–1830), king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and king of Hanover.
  • Getting, Laura (d. 1894, aged 76), close friend of Isa Blagden.
  • Ghirlandaio, Ridolfo del (1483–1561), Florentine painter.
  • Gibson, John (1790–1866), sculptor. In AB-4.

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