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  • Macaulay, Thomas Babington (1800–59), Baron Macaulay, historian, essayist, and poet.
  • MacCarthy, Daniel Joseph (d. 1886, aged 69), Irish-born physician. In AB-3.
  • Macdonald, Hughina Barclay (1817-74), Scottish poet.
  • Mackenzie, George Augustus Frederick Stewart- (1824–52), youngest son of James Alexander Stewart-Mackenzie.
  • Mackenzie, Louisa Caroline Stewart- (afterwards Baring, 1827–1903), Lady Ashburton, art collector and philanthropist. Married (1858) William Bingham Baring, 2nd Baron Ashburton. In AB–3, AB–4, AB-5, AB–6.
  • Mackenzie, Mary Elizabeth Frederica Stewart- (1783–1862), Lady Hood, chief of clan Mackenzie. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • Mackenzie, Robert Shelton (1809–80), writer and journal editor.
  • Maclise, Daniel (bapt. 1806–70), painter. In AB-2.
  • Macpherson, James (1736–96), writer.
  • Macpherson, Louisa Gerardine, see Bate, Louisa Gerardine.
  • Macpherson, Robert (1814–72), photographer and painter.
  • Macready, Catherine Frances (née Atkins, 1806–52), wife of William Charles Macready.
  • Macready, Letitia Margaret (1794–1858), sister of William Charles Macready.
  • Macready, William (“Willie”) Charles (1832–71), the dedicatee of RB’s “The Pied Piper of Hamlin.” In AB–2.
  • Macready, William Charles (1793–1873), actor and theatre manager. In AB-2, AB-4. See biographical sketch.
  • Maddox, Mary (1793–1865), Ledbury dressmaker and seamstress to Moulton-Barretts.
  • Madiai, Francesco (1805–68), imprisoned by Italian government following his conversion to Protestantism.
  • Madiai, Rosa (née Pulini, 1796–1871), wife of Francesco Madiai. Imprisoned by Italian government following her conversion to Protestantism.
  • Mahony, Francis Sylvester (1804–66), (pseud. “Father Prout”), Catholic priest, satiric poet, and journalist. In AB-1, AB-2, AB-3, AB-4.
  • Margary, Emma (née Russell, formerly Monro, 1820–92), sister of Sir William and Jane Russell, friends of the Barrett family.
  • Mario, Jessie Jane Meriton, see White, Jessie Jane Meriton.
  • Marlowe, Christopher (ca. 1564–93), poet and playwright.
  • Marryat, Frederick (1792–1848), naval officer and novelist.
  • Marsh, Caroline (née Crane, 1816–1901), correspondent.
  • Marsh, George Perkins (1801–82), American scholar and statesman. In AB-3, AB-4.

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