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  • Warburton, Bartholomew Elliott George (1810–52), better known as Elliot Warburton, writer. In AB-2.
  • Warburton, Matilda Jane (née Grove, 1819–61), wife of Eliot Warburton.
  • Ward, Frederick Oldfield (1817–77), writer. In AB-2, AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Ware, William (1797–1852), American Unitarian minister and author.
  • Watts, Isaac (1674–1748), Independent minister and writer.
  • Weale, Edward Hill (1810–40), Royal Naval surgeon.
  • Webster, Daniel (1782–1852), American statesman.
  • Welford, Charles (1815–85), bookseller.
  • Welles, Edward Livingston (1830–1902), New York City banker.
  • Wellesley, Arthur Richard (1807–84), 2nd Duke of Wellington.

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