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  • Bruce, Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth (afterwards Stanley, 1822–76), courtier, dau. of 7th Earl of Elgin and his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Oswald. In AB-5.
  • Bruce, Thomas (1766–1841), 7th Earl of Elgin and eleventh Earl of Kincardine, diplomatist and army officer.
  • Bruen, Mary Ann (née Davenport, 1793–1892), mother of Frances Davenport Perkins. Friend and correspondent of the Brownings.
  • Bryant, William Cullen (1794–1878), American author. In AB-4.
  • Buloz, Christine Marie Euphrosine (née Castil-Blaze, 1815–89), spouse of François Buloz.
  • Buloz, François (1803–77), French littératur, magazine editor, and theater administrator. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • Bulwer, Georgiana Charlotte Mary (née Wellesley, 1817–78), dau. of Henry Wellesley, 1st Baron Cowley, and the niece of the duke of Wellington. Wife of Henry Bulwer.
  • Bulwer, Henry Lytton Earle (1801–72), Baron Dalling and Bulwer, diplomatist. In AB-3.
  • Bulwer-Lytton, see Lytton, Bulwer-.
  • Bunn, Alfred (1796–1860), theatre manager and librettist.
  • Burges, George (1786?–1864), classical scholar.
  • Burgwyn, Sarah Emily (1823–1905), of New Bern, North Carolina, a visitor to Florence in 1858.
  • Burke, Edmund (1729–97), politician and author.
  • Burney, Frances (“Fanny”), (afterwards D‘Arbley, 1752–1840), writer.
  • Burns, Robert (1759–96), Scottish poet and lyricist.
  • Burridge, Levi Spear (1829–87), American dentist residing in Europe. In AB-4.
  • Butler, Arabella (“Cissy”), (1827–43), EBB’s cousin.
  • Butler, Arabella Sarah (afterwards Gosset, 1815–1900), EBB’s cousin. In AB-4.
  • Butler, Charlotte (“Arlette”) Mary (afterwards Reynolds, 1825–88), EBB’s cousin.
  • Butler, Charlotte (“Lotte”), (née Graham-Clarke, 1787–1834), EBB’s aunt.
  • Butler, Emily (née Bayford, 1806–76), EBB’s cousin.
  • Butler, Frances (“Fanny”), (née Graham-Clarke, 1790–1868), EBB’s maternal aunt, married to Sir Thomas Butler. See biographical sketch.
  • Butler, Frances Anne, (née Kemble, 1809–93), actress and author. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Butler, Henry Thomas (1842–81), EBB’s cousin.
  • Butler, Henry William Paget (1831–1913), EBB’s cousin.

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