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  • Monson, Theodosia (née Blacker, 1803–91), Lady Monson, dilettante and promotor of women’s rights. In AB–3, AB–4, AB–5.
  • Montagu, Anna Dorothea (née Benson, formerly Skepper, 1774–1856), literary hostess.
  • Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley (née Pierrepont, 1689–1762), writer.
  • Montalembert, Charles Forbes René de (1810–70), French publicist and historian.
  • Montefiore, Moses Haim (1784–1885), financier and Jewish community leader.
  • Montgomery, Robert ( Gomery, 1807–55), poet and Church of England clergyman.
  • Moore, Thomas (1779–1852), poet.
  • Morgan, Sydney (née Owenson, bapt. 1783, d. 1859), Lady Morgan, novelist and socialite. In AB-2, AB-3, AB-4.
  • Morris, Sophia Amelia (née Holland, 1823–87), widow of Edward Morris, married (1858) Henry Barrett Moulton-Barrett.
  • Morris, William (1834–96), designer, author, and visionary socialist. In AB–4, AB–6.
  • Mortimer, Favell Lee (née Bevan, 1802–78), educational writer.
  • Morton, Savile (1811–52), journalist and philanderer. In AB-3.
  • Moulton, Elizabeth (née Barrett, 1763–1830), EBB’s paternal grandmother. See biographical sketch.
  • Moulton-Barrett, see Barrett, Moulton-.
  • Mount-Temple, Lady, see Cowper, Georgina.
  • Mount-Temple, Lord, see Cowper, William Francis.
  • Mowatt, Anna Cora (née Ogden, 1819–70), American actress.
  • Moxon, Edward (1801–58), publisher and poet. In AB-1. See biographical sketch.
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756–91), Austrian composer.
  • Müller, Martha von (née Hales, formerly Meredith, 1806–90), sued RB, Sr. for breach of promise of marriage and defamation of character.
  • Mulock, Dinah Maria (afterwards Craik, 1826–87), writer. In AB–3, AB–4.
  • Munro, Alexander (1825–71), sculptor. In AB–4, AB–5.
  • Murphy, Charlotte Alicia (1805–76), sister of Anna Brownell Jameson.
  • Murphy, Eliza (d. 1874, aged 78), sister of Anna Brownell Jameson.
  • Murray, John (1808–92), publisher. In AB-4, AB-7.

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